Buddhist Psychology

Diploma in Buddhist Psychology (Theory)
Buddhism is a path of liberation for the world. In the Buddhist analysis, peace in the
world and peace in the hearts of people are simply different aspects of the same
thing. Whether we intervene at the social level or in individual lives, the goal is the
same. We seek to cultivate a more compassionately engaged way of life that is both
happier and more constructive. Buddhist psychology is not, therefore, based upon
the idea of advantage to an individual being in conflict with advantage to the
community. It is precisely the same kinds of delusions that create neurosis as create
an oppressive world and neurosis and oppression can be seen as closely related
phenomena. If we would make a better world, we must also work on ourselves. If we
would work on ourselves, we must find some concern for our world.
The Buddhist Psychology Distance Learning course, revised for 2016, is a
comprehensive course of study comprising six modules. It can be studied over two or
three years and there is also the flexibility to purchase and study one module at a
Each module contains four units. These are subdivided into three sections or
You can see the module content by following the links below:
Module One
Module Two
Module Three

The course originally formed the theoretical component of a full training programme in counseling psychotherapy. However the course is now being made

available as a stand alone programme of study for those wishing to integrate a
Buddhist approach into their work, whether this is therapeutic or within some other
helping profession. It is particularly relevant to Buddhist psychotherapists and
practioners, but is also a mode of study for individuals who are looking for a
programme of self-development.
The study is orientated towards encouraging dialogue and utilizes experiential
exercises and assignments to embed the theory into ones own life. Written by David
Brazier the course represents his lifelong quest to teach the dharma and to
demonstrate how the Buddha Shakyamuni, in contemporary language, was the ideal
therapist. This is not hard to conclude when we read about the individual encounters
he had through the forty or years of his ministry.
Drawing on the Abhidharma that formed the basis of David’s 1995 book Zen
Therapy, on his many years of experience and scholarship the diploma is a
thoroughgoing and life changing course of study.
The course fee is £180 (€220) per module or £520 (€600) for the first three modules
If you have any questions, would like to discuss the content more fully or wish to join
the course, please contact us by email: info@zentherapyinternational.com or phone:
+44 (0) 7962 234328
You can also find out more by visiting the page “Following the Course”