Welcome to Amida Academy the education website presented by Instituto Terapia Zen Internacional (ITZI). ITZI is the umbrella organisation managing and supporting programmes in psychology, psychotherapy, chaplaincy and Buddhist studies. 

There are three online courses offered through this site at present, a distance learning programme in Buddhist psychology; Vow 22, a chaplaincy studies programme for  chaplains and those in training as Buddhist Pureland priests with the Amida Order; and, an Introductory Course in Pureland Buddhism.

The Buddhist Psychology Distance Learning course comprises six modules organised over two years and forms the theoretical component of a full training programme in counselling psychotherapy. However the course is also available as a stand alone programme of study for those wishing to integrate a Buddhist approach into their work, whether this is therapeutic or some other helping profession.

Vow 22 is the chaplancy programme of the Amida Order, a Buddhist sangha with small local groups in Belgium, the UK and in other places around the world. It is a study programme both for those on an ordination path as well as those who are looking for a well organised and in depth course of study in engaged Buddhism and Buddhist ministry.

The Introdution to Pureland Buddhism course is comprised of sixteen written lessons with quiz type questions at the end of each lesson, most of which are multiple choice or requiring short answers. All the material needed to complete the course is provided. In addition there are optional discussion questions which allow an online exploration of topics raised by the material and its relevance to our day to day lives.

For details about these courses do use the main menu at the top of the page. Here you will find relevant documents and information about what we do, as well as how to apply. Do also check out the links in the right hand column of this page which will take you to further sources of useful material and information associated with our courses. Please ontact us if you have specific questions or want to communicate with us directly. You can either email info@zentherapyinternational.com or by using the contact form which can be found by clicking here.

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